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'The Girl and the Tide' (2022)

Our latest short film The Girl and the Tide is now available to watch for free on YouTube.

Made for just £250, The Girl and the Tide was an experiment into seeing if we could make a short film for next-to-nothing; no grand budget, no huge cast or crew, just a camera and a dream. It's success has heralded in great things for our tiny company, and over the next couple of months we're excited to finally share some of the bigger-budget and longer-form projects we've been working on. But in the mean time, please enjoy our poetic exploration into what it means to be in your 20s, unsure, lost, and trying to figure out what to do in life. We can't wait to hear what you think!

UK Film Review gave the film 4 stars, describing it as "a eulogy to youth and to innocence; the world has changed; the kids aren't alright. Harvey John's modern fairy-tale sings the siren's song that so many Gen-Z'ers are familiar with -- anxiety; depression; existential dread -- and yet it shines a beacon of hope that may allow us in some way to turn back the tide, or at least give us time to shore-up our flood defences," while Hot Ticket said, "Harvey John's script reads like pages ripped from a diary; transcendent in its relatability. [His] poignant poetry is exposing, deeply comforting, fierce in its vulnerability... The Developing Room will make waves with this timely and timeless ode to The In-Between."

Highlights from its film festival run include winning the Special Mention prize for Best Costume Design at the BIFA-qualifying Unrestricted View Film Festival (2023), and the runner up prizes for Best Short Film and Best Cinematography at the LIMFF (October, 2022).


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