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"Sticky Toffee Pudding is a 21st century tale of grief & consent, of melodrama & hypocrisy - it's a film about moving on, growing up, and discovering who we are and what we stand for. It's also a film about kids with too much money, and presents a realistic, unsympathetic exploration of the "popular kids" we stupidly grow up being so envious of. The film was originally written whilst I was still an A-Level student and so it is incredibly honest in its depiction of the emotions a student might go through in their final year of education. It's not autobiographical, but I was inspired to write it to remember exactly how I felt at the age of eighteen and to eternalise that feeling and those emotions and the melodrama of being a teenager. I've always been interested in Shakespearean plots and so boarding school was one of the only settings I could think of where complex, contradictory teenagers and a winding, larger-than-life story could be feasible. The film's actually adapted from an unpublished play of mine called The Beauty of Youth, which the Papatango New Writing Prize described as 'wonderfully visual', praising its characters in particular. Sticky Toffee Pudding is such a special little flick, with buckets of character and a story that I think people will really enjoy. It's topical, it's current - but it's also universal in its themes and nostalgic tone. At its heart, there's something in there for everyone." - Harvey John

Coming-of-age, Drama, Student, Teen Melodrama

Following the death of his best friend, seventeen-year-old Shelby struggles to readjust back into life at boarding school until popular girl Lilibet decides to take him under her wing. With the aid of her reckless and wealthy group of friends, Shelby finds himself reintroduced to a fast moving world of parties, sex and drugs -- but with life after school quickly approaching and his unresolved grief threatening to pull him under, Shelby finds himself dealing with a lot more than he bargained for.

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*Award Winner

Unrestricted View
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*Award Winner


Best Film

Best Actor

Samuel Nicholls

Best Actress

Emma-Kate Barry

Best Director

Harvey John

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*BIFA Qualifying

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"an impressive accomplishment"

Thanks to Alan Ng from Film Threat for their considerate review of our film. You can read it here.

"The heart and emotion of each story come out as well. Ultimately, it is a story about high school life."

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"A film of incredible artistic value."

"The film has an incredible stylistic identity."

Thanks to the Rome Independent Prisma Awards for their glowing review of our film. You can read it here.

"We can't wait to see new works by this young director."

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"different and commendable"

Thanks to Darren Gaskell for his review of our film. You can read it here.

"the lower-key approach of Sticky Toffee Pudding to its scenes of smoking, boozing and drug taking lends the proceedings a more realistic feel"

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Shelby Welham Samuel Nicholls

Lilibet Ashworth-Browne Emma-Kate Barry

Moses Montague Charlie Howard

Margot Portendorfer Genevieve Lewis

Charles Lane Fox Callum Henderson

Roisin Joyce Sophie May

Ariel Darling Samuel G Caple

Hephzibah Locke Abi Watkinson

Claire Bailey Madelynne Bowyer

Tippy Wood Jessica Reeve

Mrs. Welham Kate Sandison

Teacher Jane Deane

Examiner Cyril Cottrell


Written, Directed and Produced by Harvey John

Co-Producer, Director of Photography and Editor Eloise Roitman

Original Score by Hum Chandna

Floor Manager and Assistant Camera Elicia Valentine Jones

Sound Recordist and Designer Guy Newland

Art Direction Ellie Softley

Colourist, Edit Assist, Music Supervisor, Location Manager and Costume Designer Harvey John

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Sticky Toffee Pudding is exclusively represented by The Movie Agency and BayView Entertainment in all territories outside of the United Kingdom.

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