Swingers, title.png

"Swingers is a proof-of-concept short film based on my feature-length script of the same name. We are hoping the short film gives people a taste of the comedic magic of crazy-golf and attracts investors & audiences alike in wanting to see the feature produced. I've always been obsessed with the game, and when I found out about the competitive sport side of it, I knew I wanted to write a script about it. Although it's a comedy, it's all done from a place of real, genuine love for the game and the people who play it." - Harvard John

Swingers, background.png


The Scorer Patric Basse

Barbie Emma-Kate Barry

Galina Laura Jackson

Pascha Callum Henderson

Cain Samuel Nicholls


Written, Directed and Produced by Harvard John

Sound Recordist Guy Newland

Production Manager Sophia Earnshaw-Punnett

Production Assistant Katy Haffner

Director of Photography and Editor Harvard John