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The Girl and the Tide, water ripple title.png

"The Girl and the Tide was written during a difficult period in my life, when I was constantly comparing my failures to the successes of those around me. It's an exploration into that sense of inadequacy and complacency, and trying to find a light in the dark. I hope people relate to its message, find comfort in its realism, and escapism in its fantasy. At its core, The Girl and the Tide is a fairy tale - and like all fairy tales, the magic reveals a moral truth which I think people from all walks of life will find encouraging and relatable." - Harvey John

a film by Harvey John

starring Emma-Kate Barry

with special thanks to India Howland

with special thanks to Blue Reef Aquarium Portsmouth

with special thanks to Under the Water Media

Drama, Mental Health, Fairytale

Discontent with life, a girl accidentally attracts the attention of a mysterious and persisting monster.

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