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We've always intended for The Developing Room to represent & champion more than just film. In an exciting first for us, we want to use our platform to uplift other writers & visual artists whose medium of choice might exist outside of motion pictures. Therefore we are now accepting open submissions for an exciting new project from creatives worldwide. The selected works will be exhibited as part of an online/print project showcasing the very best young talent has to offer. Every artist featured in this project will have their name, handle, and artwork shared with thousands of people around the world.


The theme of this project is music. We are therefore inviting any and every creative out there between the ages of 18 and 30 to submit short stories, new writings, poems, musings, artworks, paintings, photographs and more - all about music! You may interpret this theme in any way you please. To be clear: this particular opportunity is not for filmmakers or musicians.


Please see the prompts below to help inspire you:

Music For Nights Alone.png
Music To Bust A Move To.png
Music That Makes You Feel.png
Music For A Break Up.png
Music To Share With Friends.png

The deadline to apply is November 15th. Successful applicants will receive confirmation of their inclusion in the exhibition by December 1st. The applicant must be the sole owner of any and all material submitted. All applicants, whether selected or not, will retain all rights to their submitted pieces.

To enter, please email with your name, age, city, social media handle/website and submission. Please be sure to include a short description of the submitted piece and the inspiration behind it.

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