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"When The Party’s Over is an exploration into addiction and party culture. The line between ‘just a bit of’ and ‘too much’ fun can be razor-thin, and I’ve always been completely fascinated by that threshold, when people cross it, and how it can affect them and the people around them. I have always had a tumultuous relationship with alcohol, which in grief, became destructive. The conversations in this film are ones I’ve had with myself, many a time. If it inspires just one person to get the help they need, then the tireless efforts and hard work of all the cast and crew will have been worth it." - Harvey John


Riz Hannan Ahmed

Molly Emma-Kate Barry

Charlie Neil Reynolds

Amy Adaora Anwa

G Luke Oliver

The Stranger Jenni Bowden


Written, Directed and Produced by Harvey John

Co-Produced by Emma-Kate Barry

Director of Photography Will Taylor Poole

Editor India Howland

Original Music Charlie Flint

VFX Artist Bülent Güneri

Sound Recordist Richard Lang

Sound Editor Liam Lucas

Colour Grader Khalif Sultan

Additional Cinematography, Editing & VFX Harvey John

Hair & Makeup Artist Lucy Ioannou

Unit Stills Photography Stefan Hanegraaf

1st Assistant Camera Lucas Paternott

2nd Assistant Camera & Production Assistant Sam Turnbull

Script Supervisor & Production Assistant Shuchi Agrawal

Production Assistant Brandon Pantry-Melsom

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Drama, Young Adult, Social Problem

Party animal Riz tries to keep the night alive, no matter the cost.

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'Meet Charlie Flint' - Bold Journey

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